Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tribute to all Mumbaikars.

Mumbai, a mammoth metropolis with population of 20 million and whose residents are referred as "Mumbaikars", have been many a times targeted by the fanatic terrorists which has killed thousand and left many more injured.

Every time this happens, politicians call for peace and harmony citing the popular & now worn-out phrase "Spirit of Mumbai". I also had the same feeling, Mumbai gets-up from its knees everytime it takes the hit, but the reality is, people in there are living in fear, they don't know whether they will return home safely in evening.

When the recent Mumbai massacre happened, I was chatting with a colleague of mine who lives in Mumbai, I told her not to worry as things will be alright soon, and the spirit of Mumbai will prevail over these fanatic terrorists.

Her reaction to this was thought provoking, she said, "How many times?, every time these incidents happen, everybody says spirit of Mumbai, people of Mumbai are not zombies, they are living beings just like you, they laugh, they fear, they cry... this all has to stop.. we are tired of this, we are living under constant fear..."

Well, she is true. We don't have the moral right to use this phrase anymore, how many more attacks the Mumbaikars can tolerate, this all has to stop... and stop real soon.


  1. Lesser politics and more action by the authorities - thats the answer to all of it I guess...

  2. Mumbai is heading towards becoming a 'city of the brave.' Soon they'll have to start handing out bravery awards to anyone who chooses to live there.