Saturday, December 6, 2008

The first post on a sad moment...

Well, I never thought, neither do I now think that my views, my opinions have any value... But they do represent the anguish, fear, the pain and joy of millions of 'Opinionated Indians'...

I saw the massacre of innocent civilians in Mumbai just like you did, by the fanatic terrorists trained in Pakistan. Like all civilized citizens of this World, I was also pained by the saga of death and sorrow.

I was more pained to see the apathy of our ruling elite... who took this entire incident as casually as having their morning breakfast. Somewhere all this has to stop, Pakistan backed fundamentalists should be dealt with iron fist... But when, and how, yet remains the question to be answered.

I start my blog on this sad note, in days to come like every Opinionated Indian, I will share my views, right from how to improve the economy , to solving the problem of hunger in Somalia. My views, I will share with you.

I am not happy to start this blog, but I did it with an aim, I represent the views of millions of Indians, their joy, pain, anguish, the fear they live in, their aspirations and above all their Opinions

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  1. Hey Pal! The World stands united with India, Islamic terrorists will never win the war against the civilized World.