Saturday, December 6, 2008

India to buy 1 Billion US$ worth choppers from rogue Russia.

Well, this smells yet another scam. India is buying 80 MI-17 Choppers from Russia.

To the World, this is surprising, but not for an Indian, we are used to such scams. Everyone knows, the pathetic quality of Russian military hardware (a bit better then Chinese!).

India, which developed its own medium pay-load Chopper, Advanced Light Helicopter, and is now buying these unreliable Flying Coffins from Russians. Why? Chances are the Russian military hardware sellers have given some key Government Ministers in Manmohan Singh led Indian National Congress government, high amount of kick-backs. Manmohan Singh government which is a failure on all counts, rather than buying automatic weapons & bullet-proof gear for the police and other Para-military forces, is buying this junk. This PM, is in state of slumber. He is a good economists (if he is), but a weak Prime Minister, he is a toy (you know what!) in hands of Madame Sonia Gandhi aka Antonia Maino (her Italiano name).

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