Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Indian Government to form National Investigation Agency (NIA).

An Open Letter to Prime Minister of India, Mr. Manmohan Singh, PhD.

Mr. Prime Minister,

A moment back I read the news, Indian government passed a bill, which will formulate National Investigation Agency.

The role of this federal agency will be to investigate acts of terrorism and will have jurisdiction through-out India, also it will pave the way for Special Courts to try the terrorists and impart justice.

I am sure you are aware of the number of India's Intelligence Agencies. There is Intelligence Bureau (IB - one of World's oldest Intelligence agency). Then there are agencies like Research and Analysis Wing (RAW - India's external Intelligence agency), Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), Defence Security Corps (DSC), Directorate of Air Intelligence (DAI), Directorate of Naval Intelligence (DNI), then there is Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), also the state governments have their own intelligence departments. The list is endless. But there is one thing common among them, there is no co-ordination.

Now there will be another new agency, NIA (sounds much like CIA.. huh!)

Well, some will say this is a step in right direction, and I do agree with it. But why there was inordinate delay ? Why the government is waking-up (or still sleeping) now?, after 190 odd citizens of India and the World were massacred by the barbaric terrorists. If this step was taken long back, perhaps these lives would have been saved.

After the 11/26th, the government decided to have regional hubs for elite National Security Guards (NSG or Black-Cats as they are referred), but it would have saved dozens of innocent lives, if this step was taken before.

Why POTA (Prevention Of Terrorism Act) was repealed by the government? Just to show that it is so'called Muslim friendly?

It was Digvijay Singh, a core member of your party 'Indian National Congress', who came up with the phrase "Hindu Terrorist", when allegedly few members of Hindu right wing group were arrested during probe of Malegaon blast.

Mr. PM, A terrorist, who kills innocent civilians, has no religion. He is just a plain barbaric sadist!

All, said and done, Opinionated Indian, hopes that the government has taken its lesson and won't repeat its mistakes... Well, the World runs on Hope!

Peace to all,

Opinionated Indian

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